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born from a love of connection and travel, little bird wellbeing is a nomadic practice that seeks to provide approachable care through the unique lens of body, mind & soul. at the forefront of holistic offerings, little bird wellbeing approaches each client’s needs with intention and honesty.

Aside from routinely enjoying some of the best massages of my lifetime with Sarah, I deeply admire and appreciate her bright spirit and dedication to her practice. She is committed to providing an experience that feels truly tailored to my own body in a manner that is both thoughtful and graceful.
— caitlin h.


every session is intricately designed in order to address the goals and specific needs of the individual. treatment may INCLUDE A BLEND OF swedish, deep-tissue, craniosacral, trigger-point therapy, mobility training, & myofascial release techniques

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prior to your massage, each session will include an intake interview to discuss your health history and to address goals and expectations.
drink water, and please place your cell phone on silent.
please consult your health care provider if you have questions or concerns prior to your massage appointment.

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communication is key in order to promote relaxation and trust. feedback is encouraged during the treatment in order to modify techniques.
pay attention to your breath and focus on relaxing your body.
proper draping is provided throughout treatment.

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take your time getting up after your massage. further treatment recommendations will be provided following your appointment. consult your health care provider or physical therapist if you have questions or concerns regarding these recommendations.
get some fresh air after your treatment. drink plenty of water, and rest when you need to.


sarah shoen is the founder and owner of little bird wellbeing. she enjoys the great outdoors, laughing, spontaneous adventures, people watching, drinking coffee, reading short stories and writing about whatever comes to mind. after years studying psychology, yoga, and physiotherapy, massage therapy came knocking at sarah’s door. and she never looked back. “touch is my first language. it’s universal, and intentional. it’s my way to connect with the world, and with those around me. it’s the most beautiful thing that i know to be true.”

sarah is currently in costa rica assisting in the classroom at the costa rica school of massage therapy.

background & technique

massage therapy / 600 hours / samara costa rica
vinyasa yoga / 200 hours / asheville nc
physical therapist assistant / asheville nc
psychology / providence ri

touch is a sense with unique functions and qualities ... touch affects the whole organism. it’s ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact, and it affects damn near everything we do.
— a natural history of the senses